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Hi, my name is Jose, all my life I have been a hard-working man but recently am going through some financial and health hardships. I am suffering from a lower back spinal condition that is severely affecting my mobility due to multiple bulged and collapsed spinal discs which causes much pain. Unfortunately, as is typical in today's employment, I was laid off after years of employment at a local Aerospace company here in Seattle before I was able to undergo surgery, Unfortunately, I have exhausted all my savings and have no health insurance to cover the cost of back surgery, all my life I have been a hard-working person and have never reached out to the community for help so this is difficult for me to communicate my need at this time but I have no other options, I am the primary caregiver to my family which include a severely mentally disabled Autistic male adult son who requires full assistance and attention and my spouse which also have health issues, this is why is so important for me to have surgery and regain some mobility so I may return to work. upon your generosity, I will immediately use the funds towards back surgery. Because we live in a world with much dishonesty I understand the legitimacy of these petitions and I can provide confidential medical documentation reflecting my issue. Thank you very much for taking the time to consider this need.


Jose S.

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Jose Sauri

Seattle, WA, USA