Latest update as of Feb 06, 2024

  • Journey's Upcoming Surgery

    Hi Everyone!

    Journey had her vet appointment on February 2nd, and it was an informative day!
    First off, the original lump we were concerned about, has come back as a benign tumor called a Lipoma. Just fatty tissue and fat cells thankfully! However, they will be keeping an eye on its growth to make sure it will not interrupt her quality of life. The location of the tumor is not in a typical spot, so the vet is hoping it will not be too bad, but the minute they feel it's hurting her or affecting the way she walks, sits, or runs, a surgery will be booked for the removal.

    Upon further examination,  they did determine that Journey's mammary glands and breast tissue are over developed, which is not a good thing, and can quickly turn cancerous if not removed. So Journey's surgery has been booked for April 5th! It's a risky surgery with Journey's age, but necessary to keep her healthy and happy! The vet did a thorough exam and has said her heart and lungs are strong, so we're stating confident the surgery will be a success with no complications.

    This surgery is pricey and will take some after careful medications to keep her comfortable while healing.

    Thank you to those who've followed Journey's adventure so far. We truly appreciate the support.

    Please help if you are able! Thank you

About this fundraiser

Hello Everyone!

Journey is a 7 year old Pitbull mix with the heart to love anyone. Being a rescue, we fell in love instantly. Through the years Journey has been a happy and healthy girl, up until now. 

Recently, we've found 2 masses on her which have raised a cause for concern with her Vet. Unfortunately in this time, Journey needs further investigation and is going to be facing a surgery that is costly, along with her other tests, biopsies and vet visits. As her mom, I struggle with health conditions and her dad is not able to work due to injury, so our financial situation is bleak at the moment. We want the best possible care for our baby girl, so we're asking for help. 

If you have it in your heart to help us raise the money needed to continue her vet care, and her upcoming difficult road, we'd be forever grateful. She's still young and has so much zest for life. We want to see her flourish. While she has not had the cancer diagnosis as of yet, it is suspected, which is why we need to continue her vetting appointments, to give her the best possible outcome. 


Thank you to anyone and everyone who can help! We truly appreciate you all! 🙏 

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Erica Arbeau

Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada