About this fundraiser

I hope this letter find you well My name is Caroline Bayer and I'm writing  To see With an urgent matter That affects my health and my well-being Recently I misplaced my permanent resident card Which is essential For my legal LA presidency In the United States Unfortunately withou I am also unable to renew myt my green card Allegibility for my social security card That would support my medical needs Particularly my  Authorities treatment The cost of replacing a green card Is $600 An amount that is beyond my capability At this moment largely because My condition preventing me from working I am reaching out To your organization To kindly request Financial assistance To cover my green card renewal fee So I can continue to receiv My social security benefitse And manage my health Your support would significantly elevate my My current hardship That I remain compliant With immigration laws I am more than Any necessary documentation Or information To support my reques.

 Thank you very much for considering My a

ppeal I am hopeful for a positive Response And I am available At your earliest convenience For any further Information you might require

 Sincerely Caroline bear

 My phone number is 509 4269039

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Karoline Bayer

Yakima, WA, USA