About this fundraiser

Kathy had an aneurysm in late April, in one of the tiny blood vessels in her brain. The pressure there caused the aneurysm to rupture and bleed into her brain. For many, this alone is a death sentence. But praise be to God, she is a living testimony that God saves and heals!! With a giant heart of faith in prayers, the tough love and support of her daughter, sisters, family and friends, she is still here!! We support her fight for a fully restored recovery! MANY have asked what can I do to help, how can I help?? Due to an unexpected administrative glitch at work, her income stopped!!! We want to stand in the gap for her…please consider giving because as we know the rent is still due, the lights must stay on and we all have to eat!! Thank you, Thank you, and May God Bless you richly for doing so❤️

Organized by

Jacqueline Roman

Detroit, MI, USA