About this fundraiser

As many of our close family and friends know, our 24 year old daughter, Keara, was admitted into the hospital on 4/21/2022 for endocarditis on one of her heart valves. She was to receive 6 weeks of IV antibiotics and then come home. Unfortunately, on 5/09/2022, a piece of that infection broke away from her heart valve and went to her brain causing a massive hemorrhagic stroke. This put her in a coma and on a ventilator. Since then she has suffered an ischemic stroke and 2 additional strokes in her frontal lobe. The doctors gave us little to no chance of survival. If she did survive, she would be severely disabled without a chance of a meaningful life. We don’t accept that. The God that we serve tells us that our daughter has already been healed by Jesus’ stripes. We will never give up on her. Since that horrible day on May 9th, we’ve certainly had our ups and downs, but God never ceases to amaze us. Keara has a tracheostomy and breaths all on her own. She is opening her eyes and looks around and can move her arms and feet. She can cough, yawn, and even sigh. We have applied for disability and Medicaid for her, and she will get it eventually. We are able to bring Keara home. The hospital has found companies that are willing to work with a pending Medicaid number to get her a hospital bed, lift, custom wheelchair, trach supplies, etc. There are several medical supplies, personal items for Keara,  and medication that will not be covered at this time. It will also not cover her tube feeds or pump. We’re also thinking ahead about some modifications to make our home more handicap accessible. We could use some financial help to make this transition as easy as possible. Thank you in advance for any donation. It is very much appreciated

this was written last year by her mom Keara is still fighting to recover, Stephanie really needs to get her home handicap accessible she applied with a program but was denied because Keara is still minimally conscious, the money raised will go towards walk in shower that is wheelchair accessible, stairlift , ramp for outside, she also needs a van that is wheelchair accessible,, if you can donate please do so and please pray for Keara’s recovery


Organized by

Rebecca Columbia

Dallas, NC, USA