About this fundraiser

Goodbye buddy…

As heavy as this is to type while my hands go numb from shock, I’m asking for any type of help to bring Kobe back home with dignity. 
Kobe and I have made so many friends since we started our journey together. 
He’s taken me out of some of the darkest corners of the earth and for that I will be eternally grateful.

To call him a pet doesn’t give him the status he deserves. He clearly communicated his love for you while anticipating your needs when you were sad or sick. Him and Dawson feel like our children being so big and creating so much body heat and now we have a hole.

I thought I was going in for some heavy duty gas medicine or possibly another surgery for bloat but no…

Kobe was less than a month shy of turning 14. He lived a beautiful adventurous life but that 98 year old man said it was time and I respect him for that. 
The cost for  private cremations are so insane… and you don’t get your ashes back if you did a group cremation just a paw-print. 
I loved my old man more than I can put into words and am asking his friends to help me say goodbye.


Organized by

Craig West

Odenton, MD, USA