Latest update as of Jun 09, 2023

  • *Update* 6/9/23

    Lindsey said it best - so here it it straight from her:

    “So..... Dr. Attinger just came in and told me I have been accepted into the national rehabilitation center!!!!! He said possible move date for Saturday! Whoop whoop! GAME ON YALL! It's my turn to get my life back thank you all for being my rock couldn't of done it without you 💜”

    After 52 challenging, scary, painful, exhausting days in the hospital including several surgeries, countless tests, and a lot of difficult realities to face, Lindsey is finally on the path to the next step to get her back home where she belongs! Today we got confirmation that she’ll be transferred NRH in DC in the next few days to begin aggressive physical and occupational therapy. She’ll be doing 3-4 hours of intense exercise and training every day, so that she can learn to care for herself and get used to her “new normal” with the below knee amputation. There’s many specialty devices, pieces of equipment and skills that she’ll be learning over the next couple of weeks that will help her get her life back, just like she said. Hopefully, they will be able to start fitting and preparing her for a prosthetic so that she’ll be walking around the farm with her nephews before we know it. Kyle and the family have already begun preparing her home for her return and ongoing recovery, and can’t wait to break her out of DC! We’re so relieved to be on this side of the mountain, and can’t thank everyone enough for your continued thoughts, prayers and support! The journey isn’t over yet, but she’s on her way!

About this fundraiser

As Lindsey and Kyle were just about 3 weeks shy of their big day, the most unexpected happened.  Lindsey was hospitalized with a medical emergency that resulted in several emergency procedures, and once she was stable enough, she was flown out to Washington Hospital Center for specialized care. While we know she is a fighter, her fight isn’t quite over yet.  Her fiancé, Kyle and family have been there day and night, fighting with her the whole way!  As you can imagine, this is not the way they expected to start their new lives together. While we can’t necessarily change the outcome, we can do our best to ease the burden as they enter their new life together!  If at all possible, join in with us to do what we can - so they can focus on what matters and ease any possible concerns about the burden of medical bills! They are going to come out of this stronger than ever, we know it!! We are in your corner, Lindsey and we are here to do everything we can to help you and Kyle start your life off right!! 

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