About this fundraiser

Where do I start!?...I
have been dealt some pretty
shitty cards in life that have
led to difficult decisions,
heartbreak, so much pain
and loss, abuse, mental,
emotional, and physical
suffering that consistently
tries to break me down
seemingly no matter what I
do or try to do to move
forward, how good or how
hard I try I just can't ever
seem to catch a break!!! I'm
exhausted from my life and
the constant trials and
tribulations I face... I'm tired
of survival mode...I've
worked all kinds of jobs ever
since I was a small child and
am not shy of hard work but
hard work can only put a
small dent in the mountain
of things I continue to face
My main needs right
now consist of help with
some vehicle maintenance
costs so I can get to and from
work. Desperately need help
with dental work I can't
afford that is deteriorating
my overall health and well
being. I have gum disease
and am losing my smile more
and more everyday making it
harder and harder to keep
myself nutrioned. I recently
found out Ị have lung cancer
so things healthwise are
snowballing out of control
for me and if I don't get help
with some of these things I'm
going to end up dying having
spent every minute fighting
just trying to live to make it
another day with my kids
and my family.
Unfortunately the
struggles I have shared are
just the tip of the iceberg
when it comes to the
hardships I have faced in life
and continue to face on a
daily basis. am a strong
independent woman that has
made it through a tornado of
tribulations seemingly sent
to destroy me from early on
in life... A person can only
bare so much with little to no
help or care from other
human beings before they
start to feel weak, eventually
becoming too physically.
emotionally, and mentally
drained to continue on and
they are left to face the
reality of what is to come...
and Ultimately.. Death.. on
sooner terms than ever
expected with experiences
far worse than what a
nightmare could ever
conjure up.

Organized by

Bethany Kruse

Long Prairie, MN, USA