About this fundraiser

The love of my life, Evan is a father of 4, plus 2 furbabies (Drako&Missy). He is 29 years old.  6 days ago woke up with a screaming headache and could not see, was admitted to the hospital when the ER found a mass covering the right hemisphere bleeding into the left.  He had a stage 3 Astrocytoma Glio removed 4 years ago which we now know has come back larger and more aggressive.  His surgeon has accepted him at UMMC in Jackson, MS and he was supposed to be there 3 days ago.  We have been homeless for a few months now and are unable to afford the cost to go.  Hes in a lot of pain and is scared to death.. We desperately need to get him there.  Our truck had a blow out leaving the hospital and a slow leak on the back tire, we don’t have gas money, food or lodging for me and the two furbabies once we are there.  We are hoping to find a camper so the furbabies can have a place so he will not worry and can focus on himself and his surgery, treatments and recovery.  We are expecting to be in Jackson following surgery 3-6 months for extensive treatment and most likely physical therapy.  Please help !!  We are so Blessed to have this man in our lives and for the chance to  ask for help and support!! 

Organized by

Jamie Jones

Biloxi, MS, USA