About this fundraiser

Our grandson was born a warrior with his right leg tibia shorter than his left along with a weak ankle. That was 8 years ago. As Luke grows he needs his legs to be even and stronger so he can continue to play Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Football. He will miss his teams and playing for many months. Sports are his passion as Luke’s motto is from Yoda, No try, only do!

Luke has his 3rd surgery scheduled at Paley Institute for leg lengthening surgery with a fixator he will wear that needs adjusted daily to regrow his length. Luke needs to be close to transport him to physical therapy every day after his next surgery. Transportation and a rental home from May to September 1000,s of miles from home is costly.  This has been a long process since birth. Any help with his living expenses is desperately appreciated. Thank you and May God bless you for any donations. Paley Institute pre-surgery Arrival Date: 2023-05-14 Departure Date: 2023-08-15


Organized by

MJ Siewert

Estero, FL, USA