About this fundraiser

Hi all, I have created this fundraiser to assist me with a life changing surgery called Lymph Node Transplant. My quality of life would greatly improve with less work missed, ability to do more things, and my clothes fitting. 

Here is a short version of my story and reason for request. 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender age of 30; 23 years ago. At that time the cancer had spread to my sentinel node, so they took my entire fat pad of nodes under my right arm. All was good for eight years, then I developed lymphedema and cellulitis.  When the cellulitis occurs (at random-never know when it will appear) I have to be hospitalized, min 3 days, longest has been 7 days.  I usually have 2 flares a year and it has gradually gotten worse. One year I was a "resident" four times. I have been septic once, and that was scary! November 2023 was the 2nd worst hospitalization to-date. My arm, hand, and fingers were so swollen, I could not move it. Then just six short week  later, back again. Shirts do not fit because of my arm size, have to buy oversized :( 

Yes, I have been to therapy, had my arm wrapped, but it always comes back.  I am now stage 3 lymphedema. 

Anywho, in late 2022 I had a consult with Dr Rebecca at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, for a lymph node transplant consult. We did all the testing and was deemed a candidate. YAY!  Fast forward a few months, I lost my job and insurance and couldn't go back to see her until 2023. I had an appointment in November 2023, but was in the hospital. Rescheduld to January 2024, and was in the hospital again, so I finally had an  appointment April 16th 2024 and found out the Friday before,  she is not in network, nor is Mayo Clinic …. I have been trying to coordinate with insurance and Mayo to get a GAP exception,  and my conault is scheduled for August. so after years of anticipation for this life changing surgery, it may be that I will be paying out of network prices to which I cannot move I cannot afford.

So I am reaching out to the good people of the United States, and beyond for help.

Thank you in advance for your generosity 

Organized by

Kristi Perdue

New River, AZ, USA