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They found a mass they thought was cancer put its a water cyst they have to remove and where it's at they trying to figure out how. She fell a few days back and ended up multiple fracture  to left side of face as well as stitches in her hand. She has been in and out of hospital and has a long road ahead was already struggling due to other medical problems. Trying to get her to and from doctors will have to travel the doctor they referred her to is in Gulfport. She has even been on iv medication at home as well. We already in a bind as well I'm battling bladder cancer and have a autistic son that is 11 years of age. Then we have Christmas coming up She is so worried about kids Christmas. Anythin  helps. We can show proof of everything i have stated and more to much to put on her feel free to ask me for proof or whole story. Thanks in advance and for your time. Her husband passed in 2009 he was military he was a 82nd Aireborn ranger. We lost him of cancer we have never really recovered from his death when I got sick and now my mom is down please help her be able to make her appointments she is 78 they saying she is in finale stages of congestive heart failure. So she really has to get the care she needs.

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Shannon Rushing

Biloxi, MS, USA