About this fundraiser

Tina is a courageous woman who has been struggling with her health since she was very young and now she is in need of financial assistance in order to fight her high tumor markers on her liver. She has a granddaughter that she doesn’t know because her daughter moved away and her daughter did want her mother,  Tina to move to that state also, but due to serious health concerns and testing , she has not been able to move, thus only seeing her now two year old granddaughter, Lyla,  just a few times in person, other than FaceTime Chats. 
Tina is such a grateful and kind person who doesn’t ask for help unless she feels that it’s absolutely necessary for survival. She has been in many dire situations and got through them on her own, but this is the one time that she actually has reached out for help.   If you can help in anyway, it is appreciated and she will be eternally gratefull for you and the help and love.  Her granddaughter will be thankful too. 
Stay Kind 💜🙏💜

Organized by

Tina Acey

Clearfield, PA, USA