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My son and daughter-in-law have  been struggling so much since having my granddaughter Miah Grace in June of 2022. She has had a feeding tube since she was a few weeks old as well as some major neck and back problem. I am attaching mom’s update about some of the surgeries she still has to go through going forward. They started out with an income and budget that they felt they could support two precious little ones but the last year and a half has been a constant struggle. Every month falling more and more behind. It is  to the point they have no other options but live constantly behind. My fear is with each doctor trip to Houston, with  each surgery to come and even each day of rain as my son‘s job depends on the weather that no longer will they be living behind but they will begin to lose their modest home and belongings.  . . The debt has built up and it has broken my heart to not be able to help them.  On the contrary it is them still helping me. I have 2 great nieces I been raising for the last 11 years  and lost my home as it become unlivable .  Josh and Samie stepped in and now  have  a loan for my home because of my circumstances.   While I make payments it is a liability in their finances. They at this time have no freedom to borrow or take loans out because of their kindness to me and my other children.  It also counts as an asset which restricts some resources they might otherwise be eligible for. Any amount no matter size can help give this beautiful family a little breathing room. With at least two major surgeries still to come this year as well as some undetermined surgeries as of yet,  there does not feel like a light at the end of the tunnel financially.  We do have so much to be thankful for and Miah is a pure source of joy for all of us.  Miah has been a strong, resilient little fighter.  I am sharing mom’s update and a few video links. You can see for yourselves the sweet beautiful spirit of not just Miah but this whole beautiful family.






Update from mom’s facebook. 
A few months ago we switched Miah from powdered formulas to a blended food diet and she has done AMAZING. I met with her dietician today and after probably 6 different formulas and too many regimens for me to count she has consistently gained OVER her catch up weight for 42 days 😭🫶🏼 she is still 0.0 on the growth chart percentiles but we are FINALLY getting there! She is over 16lbs and still almost no more vomitting!!!!

Last month we met with her neurosurgeon again and after more imaging we found her neck has pretty rare anomalies where her curvature and head tilt is caused by congenital spinal fusions as opposed to soft tissue. This also means that her spinal cord is at risk for being damaged during her every day normal life. The imaging also revealed her spinal cord is tethered in her lower back which brings about its own set of issues. So moving forward she will have at least two separate spinal surgeries plus the other surgeries she still needs, annnnnd she will be in a neck brace until further notice. Obviously this news has been hard to swallow because spinal surgery is much more high risk than the other procedures she’s had done. And no parent wants to hear that MORE surgeries are needed. But the good news is the neurosurgeon on her case is one of the best in the country for these procedures! So we still have a lot to be thankful for.

Our insurance struggles are still a nightmare, so if you’re the praying type we’re glad to accept any prayers for that! But we have a LOT of praise to give too. Thank you for reading this far if you have, and for the people that have kept up with Miah’s story!!! We never could have imagined so many things would be packed into the first part of her life, but she is the most amazing and resilient little life I know 😭🫶🏼

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