About this fundraiser

Hello friends, our family wanted to give you an update on my fathers health. Last year he was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer for the third time. He went through aggressive chemo for five month and suffered through many side effects of the chemo. We were then told that the tumor was “shrinking” and he was cleared for surgery. In November Dad went in for surgery. My brother Mike and I went down to Sloane Kettering hospital and sent dad off to surgery with high hopes. It was supposed to be a 5 hour surgery so when the doctor called us an hour into surgery, we knew something was very wrong. “Hi Jamie, this is the doctor…” My heart sank and I held onto my brother as we listened. 


When the doctor went in, he found that the tumor was twice the size and intertwined in the blood vessels. The surgeon aborted the surgery and we told my dad the news after he woke up from anesthesia. Dad was understandably upset but looked at mtimes y brother and I and said, “It’s not over! Keep fighting!” 

Thank you for supporting Dad through these tough times.

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Michael Lettre

Nanuet, NY, USA