About this fundraiser

For years I have told Drs there was something not right with my health. Blood tests in the past month have proven that I have LUPUS. I also have papilledema. This is a swelling in the optic discs of your eyes. The optic nerves and vessels are also swollen. The main cause of these are normally brain tumor/clot in the brain or a pseudotumor. Either way, the intracranial pressure is too high and needs to be released. 

I am already on disability for another condition. So I am on a limited income. I have many Dr appts coming up and have no money for gas to go or for the medicine I need. 

I have to see an orthopedic Dr, rheumatologist, my regular Dr, a referral has also been made to an endocrinologist. 

The first trip will be July 9th and 10th. This will be to have a CT scan to determine why the swelling has occurred and then for a follow-up to decide what to do about it. 

Please if you can help it would be a blessing. I am trying to raise 4 children alone and can barely do that on my disability income. I cannot afford (literally) to be sick and not get treatment. 

Organized by

Misty Garrett

Sumter, SC, USA