About this fundraiser

I am Praying that this reaches the heart of someone who can help us with a financial Blessing, enough to make all the costly repairs necessary to make our home safe and functional so that I can keep my promise to my beautiful Mom, and keep her home to be cared for, by me, as her Dementia Advances to its last stages. Her name is Barbara, most call her Grammy.
We must find a contractor to come remove our cracked stucko ceilings that have begun to break and fall. We need Mom's shower retiled and a shower door installed to keep the water in the shower. And her vanity must be removed and replaced ASAP as it has mold creating a hole through the bottom. We must get a ramp built up to the house for wheelchair access. We have to hire an electrician to fix our kitchen outlets. And we must find a tree service to cut the tree in our back yard that has codominant stems all in danger of snapping at any time. Our house as well as our neighbors houses are all in danger of this giant tree as long as it goes uncut to a safe height. I need my energy and focus to be on my Mom, not stressed over how I am ever going to find a way to pay for all these things that have to happen so that I can keep my promise to my Mom. If you can help, I will forever be Grateful. Thank you reading this. May God Bless you. ❤️ ✝️ 😊 

Organized by

Constance Aguilar

Norfolk, VA, USA