About this fundraiser

I will benefit from the funds.  It will help me to pay for expenses traveling from my city to Toronto for Doctors visit and also to Cleveland Clinic in Florida,   medications and some blood work and one of my treatments that’s not covered through the government. And to afford gas to get me to my appointments in my city. In my Fall semester in 2020 I was diagnosed with this rear uncommon very aggressive type of breast cancer. First 2 surgery was on November 04th 2020, right before semester ended the surgeon said a team of Doctors discussed my case but my Oncologist to make the final decision. Because he was only successful on removing the tumor didn’t get all off the cancer. I need to have a mastectomy to save my life. On January 06th, 2021 I had my right boob taken off. All of this I was still attending Confederation College until my chemo treatments started on February 18th 2021. I was so sick and blood clots attack both of my lungs havi my first strongest chemo treatment.  I was hospitalized for a long time fighting for my life. With my little energy and strength I will do assignments and testing for College. It help take my mind of what I was going through and I don’t have family members here in Canada and I remain a 4.0 G.P.A Student throughout my journey with only God by my side.  Already have fourth 12 hours major surgery my last surgery was on January 30th 2024. From waist to waist. Since 2021 to now am still having strong treatments to save my life my Oncologist said we must fight with everything to prevent this aggressive cancer sickness from coming back because if it does I will not be alive. And I want to live and continue fighting for my life with the will of God standing in-front of me  always 🙏🏾♥️.  It been very tough not having an income since 2020 since my journey started to now. All the help will be appreciated as soon as possible. It will mean the world to me to have support through this journey that I am continuing.  And to help pay back the government I needed help while I was hospitalized for almost 2 years so I could have paid my College fees. I have a grant also and I don’t have the funds for paying back. Still not able to work.  Thanking each and everyone for the support in advance. 

Thanks Cleo🙏🏾♥️

Organized by

Cleo Young

Rosslyn, ON, Canada