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Hello family and friends I am, I am in desperate need of you guys help I am having an emergency surgery on June 17th 2024, on my back due to my severe scoliosis, I have to have the surgery because it is starting to push on my organs and it's making it hard for me to breathe at night and sometimes I stop breathing in my sleep. My medical only pays 80% of it and I have to come with the rest of 20% of it I have to come with $2,000 to pay my part of it, if you can find it in your heart to be so kind to help me out to help me get my surgery to help me get through this I really appreciate it and I thank you all and I love you all so much for it, anything will help and I really appreciate it thank you any donation will help thank you so much. I usually don't ask anyone for help but this is emergency and this is my life it's a life and death situation.

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Krishunya Wilson

Phoenix, AZ, USA