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My husband of 23 years died March the 25th of 2023. His daughter is fighting me to claim his body. He is still on ice because of her. And I had to get an attorney that cost $4,000 and still haven't had my day in court and he is waiting at the funeral home in storage. The daughter was never really in our life and she has made this so terribly painful for all our grandchildren for all of my family. That is his family and none of his family would help! No one should have to go through this. I've had medical issues, a brain termmor right in front of my doctor. And I've had another seizure for 5 hours. It started when I was in therapy for 2 and ½ I've been trying to survive from covid myself. I have been on oxygen and I'm still on oxygen about 5 months ago. I could just walk without oxygen but if I do anything strenuous and I still have to wear it at night. I'm on SSI. My husband had no life insurance My health is not good and my heart is breaking. Every day is torture for me cuz I can't save him ❣️ We have both gotten COVID the month before he died for the second time which made me have to use more oxygen and I'm just wondering if that was the cause of death because they wouldn't do an autopsy on him and I wanted them to and they said sorry we don't do that. It could have been a blood clot that he died in bed. No it could have been the perfect storm. I don't know why he died and it's killing me not knowing why. But I am grateful that he died with me in bed I suffer with depression. Extreme anxiety panic attack in everyday is a horrible day. I don't know how long I can laugh like this … 😭💔

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Helen Henderson

San Antonio, TX, USA