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my name is Jessica, I'm raising money go see my boyfriend in New York who badly injured due to someone running into his car at the airport last Thursday morning when he was trying to fly to come see me and he's badly injury to where they broke his leg and foot badly messed up his arm too he also told he can't see good plus he has no health insurance to get his meds and his surgery that he needs plus he wrote and played music for a bunch of people and I live in WA State am legally blind so I can't drive to go see him plus my credit is messed so bad I can't get a loan when I lost work 2y ago unemployment refused to pay me can't find work in my town due to my skin issue and me being allergic to my skin meds and I want nothing more then to go to him sit by his bedside in his hospital in New York he's going to need lots of therapy to use his arm and walk again and everytime I think about him being so hurt makes me cry knowing its partly my fault for him wanting to come see me knowing that it will take him a long time to recover to be able to do his music stuff again and his shows I feel so horrible about him being hurt because he wanted to married me too now we have to wait longer I just keep crying I don't what else to do I love him so much thank you for lessoning 


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Jessica Petersen

Centralia, WA, USA