About this fundraiser

I am a 38 year old mom of two teens and wife to a great husband. I suffer from Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease that attacks my muscles. For the last two years i haven’t been able to swallow, speak, or breathe normally for a consistent time. I have to undergo plasmapherisis three times a week. Its kind of like dialysis. I also have to get another IV medication once a week for 4 week cycles. Plus all of my oral meds. I was a teacher for 15 and had to resign this school year due to MG. we highly relied on my income. My husband works for the county and doesn’t get paid much. He has now taken on a second job and we are still not able to meet our needs or cover the medical bills. We greatly appreciate any help and I pray Your generosity is tripled back to you. 

Organized by

Linda Nulisch

Waxahachie, TX, USA