About this fundraiser

My son has wrongfully tooken from home when what I only did was tried taking him in to hospital to relieve medical care for his bedsores at which time I was only told they were boils. He's under the states care and isn't getting proper care at the group home he been placed after the state placed him there.  Im his mother I visit him as much as I can as a single parent trying day by day to see him and work and no other support to help me or guide me in how I can further help get my son back home.  We need medical equipment for our home like his medical bed, bath chair and all the other medical necessities.  To start the process in getting my son back home we need to raise money to get all the paperwork needed to be filed with the superior court. I'd be so grateful for anyone to help with anything to bring him home so he can be here with family that loves him and only want the best for him I know my son misses home and he would want to be home we were never separated one single day for 23 yrs and it breaks our hearts when we say goodbye to each other.  He would greatly be appreciated for any help that is given.  

Organized by

Marisela Alexandra Cordova

Mesa, AZ, USA