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Hello to you and thank you for looking at my page. Ive been caught in a bad situation. My landlord asked me to do a project in his backyard. (Remove 18 trees and all the stumps and level the ground and remove where needed to pour a 1400 SQ ft. 6" concrete patio.) Our agreement was to trade the labor for rent. I had done over 70 or so jobs for him and ovec200 from referrals over the 9 years I rented from him. I had fallen behind on rent so I agreed to start the job. After a couple months into the project I began to get further behind and asked him what he wanted to do and he told me to keep up the hard work and we would figure it out. After 4 mo. I decided to ask for help from the state and my landlord was given $21,000 for all past rent And late fees which was $18000. That encluded all late fees so that left me with 2 months of rent in advance. The next day he filed for eviction. I beat the case 5 times and he raised my rent from 1800 to 2600 and I could not afford it. I rented from him for 9 years which equals a total of $194,400.00 the 6th time he filed and off to court again. Hi lied by saying I was not paid up by the state and my documents were not allowed to the judge cuz it wasn't sent in in advance. So he was awarded to have me evicted within 12 day. I have no money because he didn't pay me for the concrete slab I poured in his back yard. He braught the constable and threw all my things out and hired a lady to load up everything and sell it or put it in a storage or trash. I was told by the police not to come back. My girlfriend and I lost everything and now sleeping on the floor at a customers house on top of that my car broke down and now I'm without a car. I am desperate at this point and will be so greatful for any help at all. Thank you very much

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Phillip Spann

Irving, TX, USA