About this fundraiser

I moved across the country for love but it ended badly and I need a new place to live. I'm currently bouncing between extended stay motels with my two cats. This week, I'm about an hour from work, but it was the only place I could afford. I need an apartment but I don't have the money for a deposit. I tried to get an installment loan, but my bank account is too young.

All of my money went to this room and gas in my car so that I can still get to work. I don' t have any food right now, laundry detergent, or even the money to use the machines to wash my clothes.

I am employed full time, with a company I've worked at for more than a year, but I am very much living paycheck to paycheck. I keep putting my resume out there for a second job, or even just a better paying main job, but after months of looking, I havent gotten any bites.

Every little bit helps right now. Thank you.

Organized by

Allison Spalter

Phoenix, AZ, USA