About this fundraiser

I am Canadian and my husband is Mexican. We had a successful business in Mexico for over five years.

Three years ago while walking our dog one evening after visiting friends my husband was shot twice, for no reason. One bilket went through his thigh the other bounced around his abdomen and lodged in his spine. The doctors said it was not safe to remove it.

Recently our business was robbed and we were not able to recover what we had worked so hard for. Our business had to close and we were left with zero source of income. We are barely eating and were slerping in a friends car.

Lately my husband has been experiencing excruciating pain in his back. It turns out the bullet is migrating and needs to be removed immediately or he is at high risk of paralysis. He is only 39. We have no way of affording $100,000 pesos, which is about $6000.00 dollars.

We have just been hit with some really hard times and would be forever grateful for any help we could receive. When we are in better circumstances we will certainly pay it forward.


Thank you so much

Organized by

Jillian Eidem

Chilliwack, BC, Canada