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Hi everyone, to give a background story in 2017 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, where I sustained a C-5 level injury which has left me paralyzed from my shoulders down. As you can imagine life has not been easy however, I’ve tried to make the best of it and have adjusted to my new normal. There are many things that I used to do that I cannot do anymore but with technology and wheelchairs things are changing for the better. I am looking to purchase an all-terrain wheelchair that would allow me to do the things I love like, hiking, getting on the beach etc. but unfortunately it is not covered by insurance so everything would have to come out of pocket. I have been able to receive a grant to cover 75% of it but I still need 25% more. Finances are a bit tight due to me not being able to work currently any help would be greatly appreciated.


this is the all terrain wheel chair that would be purchased .



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L Amlak-Mills

Missouri City, TX, USA