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Hi everyone first off thank you so much for taking the time to read this or even give me a glance. My name is Brittnay i am 29 years old and have started my Give a hand because i am in desperate need of dental implants all of my teeth are decayed in some way after years of medications ,depression and having being diagnosed autism my teeth have taken the consequences. i started to notice a change in my teeth when i was in 8th grade at the time i was under my moms care and had already come to terms with my medical fear especially with dentists all those factors in mind I continued to ignore and pretend things didn't exist. it was easier for me with my disability's to find excuses I'm tired of finding excuses, i am in pain daily i go through a tube at least of orgel a week i sleep with ice packs and heating pads on my face I'm probably taking to many over the counter pain relief. I went to a dentist app  on feb 14th for a consultation for dental implants and was quoted 18,700 ive set my goal for 20,000 for he cost of the whole procedure including added anesthesia and the fees that give a hand takes. the reason im raising money for implants is that trinational dentures not only have the highest rate of gum relates issues but they aren't strong and having to put adhesive in my mouth would cause me to gag and a whole other boatload of sensory issues as well this is the best recommendation for me as advised by my dentist. thank you so much again for your time even a share helps. 


Edit on my feb 14th app i was put on an antibiotic for a small abscess on my top right side less then two weeks later after finishing that course i was put on another for my left lower law and now as of yesterday im on antibiotics again for an abscess on the top right so in less than a month three infections its getting worse im not comfortable at all.

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Brittnay Alaeddine

Crooksville, OH, USA