About this fundraiser

I am a 70-year-old woman that has 2 cats. One has just recently got sick. And he's been to the vet and he's been to the emergency vet and they cannot give me a diagnosis. He has not eaten in 2 days or will not drink water. So he had to have an IV to get fluids in him.He has been hiding because he feels horrible and throwing up foam constantly. They've done many tests with two vet bills totaling 492 and 921 for the emergency vet. I'm asking for help because he may have to go to the vet again. And if I can raise money to pay the two outrageous vet bills, then I will be able to pay for the last one Which will be an ultrasound to look at his pancreas. I know these are hard times for everybody but even a little bit will help. Please help save my cat. It kills me to watch him suffer and I cannot just let him go. He is my emotional support animal. He is 10 years old with many more years ahead of him. He has never been sick in his life. I hope any animal lovers out there will care enough to help my little buddy. He is my fur baby and the love of my life. As I live on social security and we all know that isn't very much. So please help out my baby.

Organized by

Michelle Cole

Greenville, SC, USA