Latest update as of May 30, 2023

  • Made it to Dallas

    Oaklynn is in Dallas and they are working on her.
    As soon as her mommy Caitlyn and daddy Jared Waldon meet with doctors we will have a update.
    God Bless and Keep you 🙏

About this fundraiser

Oaklynn was born 6 weeks early. She has a long road ahead. She was born with a clubbed foot, the first two fingers on both hands are webbed, she can not use her jaw ex: open her mouth, succle…. Her vocal cords and voice box are malformed causing it to be where she can't breath. She's currently on the ventilator and it's doing 100% of the breathing for her.

And they are checking for chromosome issues along with many other tests. They don't have much information as they have been in Longview at a smaller NICU.

This morning they received a call that she was being transported to cooks children's hospital in Ft Worth where they will address more and run more test, and hopefully get them more answers.

Her daddy got a week off from work paid and unfortunately that time has ran out. Financially they can't afford to be there for baby Oaklynn. Eating, and sleeping arrangements are going to cost a lot, then to add to making sure their bills are kept up with so they can take Oaklynn home after all this is done and she's healthy again.

Please if you can not donate pray! We know prayers are our direct line to God. From our mouth to his ear 

 We will update when we get more information.

Thank you 

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Cynthia Koller

Longview, TX, USA