About this fundraiser

This fund will go to benefit a family of disabled siblings!

The funds will be used for paying to buy out an older sibling that has spent the past 10 years breaking up our family bonds through various different ways culminating into the selling of our family homestead that is mortgage free and debt free we have disabilities so we are on a fixed income and ½ of it is ours hence we have to buy her half out we can’t afford to live anywhere else we are 4 generations owning the house and we recently lost our mother due to Bone Marrow Cancer this house is all that we have left of her and our grandmother after she passed away earlier in this year and our grandmother passed in 2010!!! It holds all of our memories and the love we all had and great times so it would mean everything  in this world after all our losses to have the money to keep it in our family and so that the siblings can have a safe place to call home with wonderful neighbors that knew and loved our relatives that lived here when they were still living… we would welcome any help and be thankful and forever indebted for any kindness you could show us every bit helps and we would appreciate any help anyone could show us as soon as possible because she is trying to get it sold out from under us immediately which makes us very concerned on the thought of losing something our relatives never wanted to happen and that we would lose that connection to them with the loss of the house forever because our relatives are not buried here they are in Pennsylvania which we can’t afford to go to see them ever we are disabled and this is our childhood home help us please to keep it within our family and if not we are facing homelessness too—- please and thank you again 

Organized by

Gigi George

Houston, TX, USA