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    I was able to get a new quote from a non-specialist who can perform surgery for about 3000 , then CT scan being done for 2800/3000. I am short about 2500 at this time - so still asking for any help, however wanted to share why the amount has changed.

    Thank you all in advance for any amount shared. It is appreciated more than words can express!

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Oreo, who is 5 month old and the sweetest most loving boy ever is needing a surgery removing polyps from both his nasal cavity and inside ears. He has been suffering chronic upper respiratory infections and breathing troubles due to the issue. They will only grow bigger causing more issues and possibly turn cancerous.I was quoted $9000- $11000 , plus the fact specialist is a few hours away. So I will most likely have to get a hotel to stay overnight atleast one day. 

Due to my late mother being diagnosed with terminal cancer and her complete inability to care for herself in last 6 months before she passed (Sept 2023), I took a lot of time off work which has depleted all savings I had.

I rescued Oreo (from foster home/shelter) right after we lost my mother and my cat Tangelo (heart disease, 7 year old) within a 2 week time frame to help with the grief for me and my other cat Peppercorn (6 months old now) Losing Oreo would be absolutely devastating to not only me , bur my sister,  6 and 10 year old nephews as well as Peppercorn who loves his brother so very much and already lost one brother last year. 

This surgery will not only save his life , but allow me to keep him in my care versus having to surrender him as I can not afford such a big cost. I already lost everything last year and to do it again will be absolutely devastating 💔. Any help is much appreciated as I am at a loss right now. Every time I look at Oreo I just cry and hope we can figure something out to keep him. 

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