About this fundraiser

Hi, my name is Phil I’m doing a fundraising for our daughter . She was born with a heart defect what’s called TOF she is only a month old, and had to have open heart surgery. Due to her having her open heart surgery the surgeon nicked her main artery, due to that she can’t fully expand her lung and her heart is not functioning properly. So our poor little angel is on life support she been on life support for 3 weeks now and expecting to be on life support for another 3 weeks at least, according to her surgeon they are monitoring her real close because of infection as well due to being open up. Asking for prayers and help due to this my wife and I haven’t been able to work we are so far behind on bills due to not working and due to paying for her medical expenses. Not having any insurance as of now anything helps thank you again

Organized by

Phillip Sebastian

Portland, OR, USA