About this fundraiser

Hi my name is Mark I am 65 and disabled.  I have kidney and heart failure I have serious troubles the last few months I have a offshore bank that put a lock on my bank account and stopped my debit card for no good reason. I have the Federal Reserve Bank investigating my situation they told me it will take up to 90 days to resolve. I am only paid by Social Security retirement it's a very limited amount I have $11 at the end of the month and that's to feed my dog I'm hoping to find someone who might be able to help me. I fell and broke my nose and had to go to the emergency to take care of it. For this reason I had to Pawn my power scooter so I can make some payments I have been unable to pay rent for the last 2 months I live in a senior assisted living facility in Lebanon Oregon. Because all my social security is deposited into that account and I have no access to it right now I have been looking for a part-time job my problem is I have dialysis three times a week for 4 hours at a time it wipes me out and I have eye injections every month for blindness so that's no longer an option.

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Mark Comoletti

Lebanon, OR, USA