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Patricia is a loving mom and wife, She loves her free time with her daugher, cats and dogs! She is a very hard working women and can make anyones day better with just a flash of her smile! She is so beautiful and smart! She cares about animals and loves to fundraise for those in need! She is well known around Palmyra, and use to work at Dollar general, keeping all the customers smiling and laughing with her cheerful spirit! Sadly she had to quit at Dollar general to keep ahold on her physical health.

Patricia was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast Cancer last September, She had genectic testing done and found out she had the BRCA 1 gene mutation, She has 80% chance of breast cancer along with a 60% chance of ovarian cancer, which her mom had passed away from. On April 19, she went and scheduled an appointment to have her ovaries removed to prevent ovarian cancer. She started her Chemo and immune therapy journey in Febuary, and since then she has gone through 8 cycles of Chemo.On April 30 she has to go meet with evreyone involved in her surgery in Saint Louis. She is having a bilateral masectamy with lymph nodes taken out on May 31st!  Thsi type of surgery can cost from $2,364 to even more. 

Patricia and her husband could really use some help with gas money for their hospital trips and medical bills! 

 Help her become FULLY cancer free!

We dont want to ask to much of anyone, so even just a Couple SPARE dollars will help! 

THANK YOU to everyone who READS this, DONATES, and or SHARES this!


Organized by

Jasey Bock

Palmyra, MO, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Patricia garner