About this fundraiser

 That's my first time starting fundraising. And I only do this because I believe there are good hearts in this country, I have been living in the United States for four years and I love how Americans are kind and loving to animals. 

I am raising that fundraiser on the behalf of a group of animal rescues in Egypt. Long story short. There are thousands of stray dogs and cats in Egypt. Lots of people if not most are hurting them, shooting them, poisoning them, hitting them with cars, and even little kids sometimes torture them. It's heartbreaking to just walk there and see how sad and miserable those animals are. Accordingly, lots of these animals have very bad health conditions such as tumors, broken exposed bones, or wound infections. It's very tough to share pictures. 

Luckily there are kind hearts too over there that devoted a lot of their time and effort and resources to save those animals.  They save them, take them to veterinary surgeons who just charge them for materials and medicine only, then give them protection, food, and shelter.. some of these animals get adopted later. not only that but also they neuter those animals to decrease the number of stray dogs. 

I donated many times to them even though I work only part-time because I study and recently I went to the emergency room with no insurance twice for hypertensive crises and got a big bill. 

They run out of resources, and lots of animals need to be rescued before they die .there is also a food and vaccination shortage. I thought I may help them in another way through here, I am sure there are lots of loving American people. I tried to start that fundraising on Facebook but didn't let me since the organization is located outside the US.  I tried to ask Egyptian churches in the US which have lots of money and resources but they have turned their back on me. But I didn't lose hope.. every dollar you will donate can make a lot in Egypt because of the exchange value. Every dollar will save an innocent life of a cat or a dog. 

The organization's name is furever rescue foster. They are situated in Giza their email is [email protected] 

You can also donate directly to them on PayPal if you like that. All you need is to add that email on PayPal or kindly you can send a donation here and I will send it to them..you can look them on Facebook , there is page with the name of the organization but it's really has tough pictures.. thanks in advance for all kind and good people.

Organized by

Mina Zaky

Nashville, TN, USA