About this fundraiser

My friend  is an a hospital an Damasco Syria  almost  two months  , he was leaving to the airport, and he pass out and the airport , the took him to that hospital he being over there. For o most 2 months have two surgeries , he was doing well until the realice him but he not it was allowed to leave until pay the hospital bill, hi can pay the money until he get home, he is widower  with  a 13 years old  son from Tampa Bay area  , he not have any other family member.. and bi haft the his son and my self , we ask for help to anyone can help., be very much appreciated 🙏any mono last it will go to any foundation the any one ask. Thank you so much . God bless  any one can help .🥲


Organized by

Leticia Goff

Stuart, FL, USA