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First surgery to put bones in place
Jamie's first week in Harborview 

On 2023, while spending a day with our kids at the trampoline park, Jamie broke her left foot and right leg. As we were jumping from square to square I managed to accidentally double bounce Jamie. The upward momentum combined with her small size and a perfectly timed landing resulted in catastrophy. Being a radiological technician (X-ray tech) she knew right away something wasn't right. A trip to the ER confirmed our fears that she had indeed broken multiple bones. The Doctors said it was a perfectly timed freak accident which on the X-ray film looked like a break one would have if they fell multiple stories and landed flat on their feet. The break in her leg was particularly bad and needed only the best surgeon to properly repair it. So onto Harborview Medical Center we went. 2 surgeries and 3 weeks later we were finally able to get Jamie home with 24 hour care. It's been incredibly hard on our children not having their mom in any kind of normal capacity and also financially with her inability to work exceeding beyond her 3 months of FMLA. As the main bread winner of our household and a expected return to work date not within sight we have fallen on hard times. We are humbled by the many amazing people who have offered help with meals, child care, and finances. Your generosity and support would help us immensely on this journey to recovery.

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Jamie Clark

Oak Harbor, WA, USA