About this fundraiser

This is Saydee, My Best friend. She's saved my life. Literally. And now I have to try and save her. We just finished with our 2nd vet appointment and they took X-rays of her throat where she had been having a mass grow in the past 3 months. She has lost her bark, she coughs constantly and has a hard time breathing. It has gotten to be where it is on the other side of her kneck. We went to our vet today and took X-rays and drew blood. The vet thinks it may be a tumor close to her thyroid. And he says that's not good especially since the way it's grown since our last visit a month ago. He is going to reach out to Kansas State University or a Clinic in overland Park, Kansas to see if they can get her in ASAP for an cat scan which is a couple thousand dollars and a possible biopsy.  I face 3 problems with this. 1) After the visit today I have no funds for the drive to either place. Overland park is approximately 3 hours away. The KSU facility is an hr away. 2) I have no money left after today's visit for either procedure. 3) If I take off work then I won't be able to pay my bills that are due. I'll be short period. He states the urgency and even though it's Friday, he's trying to see if either place can get us in today.

 Let me back up and tell you about my Saydee girl. About 10 years ago I was coming into town to work, a little fuzz ball ran across the road and I almost hit her. I got out and went for one square mile around to see if anyone had lost a dog. No one had. I couldn't just leave her out there. It was January 21st and in Kansas, that's just too cold for a puppy. I went to the tree line to call her out. She was reluctant at first but then she came running into my arms. Now, I've heard about imprinting but never experienced it. We had infact, imprinted. The significance of this day was also that it was the anniversary of my Dad's death and I just know he sent her to me cause he knew I needed her. I raced home to tell my husband at the time to clean her up so we could tak photos and try to find her owner. I was scared this sweet girl was a child's and I didn't want to deprive any child of anything let alone this dog. Upon cleaning her up, she had a massive scab over her muzzle. We took her to the vet and they said it looked like someone had tried to put a chemical over her nose and leave her for dead. She was approximately 2-3 months old y'all. How very awful. So I took her home. Within 2 weeks she knew 5 hand commands and never left my side. I decided that it was meant to be and she was mine.  A couple years later,As I was going through a divorce I  went down a dark path. I tried to kill myself with trying heroin for the first time. She was with me. I believe I had succeeded. But I woke up to her jumping on my chest and licking my face and barking…she saved my life. She has been the only person to ever accept me for who I am and loved me with no conditions. She's defended me against abusive relationships and stood guard when we were homeless. I got my life back together and I just don't know what I will do with out her. She's 10 but she's got so much love and life ahead of her. She's fighting through this but it's visible that it's getting her down. I owe it to her to try my best to save her like she has done for me on countless occasions. I have to try. I've never asked for a charity from anyone because my faith has always made me either too proud or just knowing that God always provides. No matter what. And I know everything is in his time and in his hands. So once again, I'm going to leave it in his hands but I'm hoping that this time it means that he will speak to one or a couple hearts and ask them to help Saydee. Please. My baby is everything to me and I just have to repay her for all she's done for me. I believe God and my Dad sent her to me but I also believe she's my spirit guide. She's my angel. I've had lots of animals over the years and I've always been like Elmira…the cartoon character…but I've never connected with a soul like I have with her. Please consider helping. I don't even care if it's a dollar. She needs this and I need her. Thank you for your time and God Bless.

Organized by

Tanya Webb

Wichita, KS, USA