About this fundraiser

My name is Heather and I am a single mother. My son Brent Hubbard was diagnosed with a rare stage 4 cancer called NASOPHARYNGEAL

CANCER (NPC) on Christmas Day. This was the worse Christmas present anyone can receive  from the hospital. We were devastated and completely in shock  as no one in my immediate family has ever had cancer.

My son Brent is 27 years old, graduated high school in 2014 and immediately got a full time job to help out the family. Brent ended up buying the house he was living at in 2021 as a owner fiancé. The house had issues and his intention was to fix it up. Brent got married to Destiny Sept of 2021 and they were a very happy couple. They adored each other and they were the couple everyone envied.

Fast forward to June 2022 Brent starting having a terrible ear ache, he went to his primary doctor, urgent care and was told it was a ear infection. The antibiotics didn’t help so finally he got a referral for ENT Doctor. The ENT doctor said he needed nose surgery because his nostrils was to enclosed. Surgery was Oct 25th 2022 which he had to take a week off work during recovery. That still didn’t fix the problem so when he went back a month later the ENT put tube in his ear. Still didn’t help and the pain got worse. He finally had enough and on Christmas Day when he got off work at 7am Destiny took him straight to hospital. That is when they told him the worse news he’s ever had. No one was expecting this. In the time this all happened Brent got a overnight job at Loews Hotel doing security Sept 2022, while Destiny got a overnight job at the front desk.

2023 - Brent chose to go to KU Medical and Cancer Center for treatment. Just more devastating news. His cancer is stage 4. The doctors were optimistic that he can beat this thing treating it very aggressively. So he has weekly 7 hour chemo until end of May we’re hoping, and he just started daily radiation. This treatment is called: Chemoradiotherapy which means having chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment together.

Brent has not been able to work since December, he’s too sick from the treatments and the doctors advised against it. He needs to rest and the radiation is going to have major side effects. He’s going to lose his saliva, smell, taste, his throat will swell and he won’t be able to swallow. They even brought up that if he loses to much weight they will insert a feeding tube. Him not working has put a strain on him and Destiny’s relationship and they are both stressed. They can’t pay all their bills, their house is falling apart, and their only car is acting up. Their house is now at the point of raccoons living in their attic. He can not be in a environment where his immune system is compromised, so I talked them into selling the house and move in with me. He’s selling the house for the amount he still owns on it. I did take in his 3 fur babies as well. Brent had gone into depression because he’s lost everything, his health, his job, and now his house. If I am able to raise money for my son, it will be used to pay off his deductibles for his treatment, to get their only vehicle fixed, pay off all their bills they are delinquent on and pay the current bills. If any is left it will be saved so when he kicks cancers butt and back on his feet,  I will be able to find them a apt or a rental house so him and Destiny can have a fresh start with their new look on life.

I know this was very long but thank you so much for taking the time to read it.

Organized by

Heather Hubbard

Independence, MO, USA