About this fundraiser

Hi my name is Amanda, I'm 40 years old, I'm currently 38 weeks 2 days pregnant with my first child. I wanted a baby my entire adult life but thought it wasn't in God's cards for me, until one day in February I actually was raped and the result of that is my soon-to-be daughter Kiana Beth. My situation was anything but ideal to be keeping a baby under those circumstances but I figured that God gave her to me for a reason and whatever that reason was I was holding on to it and never letting go. I'm currently living in maysville Kentucky at a women's crisis center where I fled an abusive lifestyle and relationship. The women and organization there are great but I'm still unable to provide everything I need for my child. I got pneumonia about a week ago and I have been at the University of Kentucky hospital and will continue to be here until my daughter is brought until this world which should be sometime this week I'm told by my high risk specialist doctors. As I said I don't have much for her so anything would be helpful I do have Medicaid but that doesn't cover every single bill that I am occurring especially the after effects of when we leave the hospital and I go back to the shelter. I appreciate and welcome any and all help as well as prayers as I'm going to have to have a C-section and most likely put to sleep because I cannot have pain medicine in my spine due to a previous spinal injury I occured during work three or four years ago.


Thank you in advance for your time and reading my story and also for any help you may be able to give me that will not go unnoted or unappreciated. 

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Amanda Smith

Lexington, KY, USA