About this fundraiser

I am currently asking for assistance from the public to aid in removing a razor that was placed in my food by my attacker who has not only made the attempt on my life but has consistently since used every effort to attack and sabotage me unfortunately this is a domestic issue and the result of. My life and the life of my family were put in danger and we were failed and revictimized. They have made every attempt to sabotage my work efforts and more to keep me from raising the money or getting help to get it removed.  I have a video on you tube and photos on my Facebook that confirm it’s there but they chose to use power to railroad my attempts to get help and this is medical homicide if I die but they felt if they blocked it, it couldn’t be detected. My promise is to post the results of the operative and the removal of the razor or sharp object cutting my throat as my goal is not to have to beg for my life but they are forcing me to do this and the suffering has been horrendous, cold, and calculated. Due to the circumstances I have to seek a specialist and location that will protect my health, condition, and interest but I will be prompt with providing the images, receipt of payment, and after results. I am on You Tube as Terra Garman and on Facebook were the photos and videos are along with medical images.  I am not sure of the entire cost at this time but I will have to pay for the endoscopy and surgical removal so I am starting with asking for 2000.00 for now and maybe hopefully they will settle at that after procedure. I will be pursuing charges after and they know this and its why they were blocking my attempt to get help So that the motive and intentions are clear of my attackers as mine is following removal. I have been forced to suffer greatly for to long and I deserve justice. Thank you in advance and God bless. 

Organized by

terra garman

Eastover, SC, USA