About this fundraiser

Hi everyone! I am Yahya and I am raising this fund to help my friend's family in Gaza.

Hi everyone!

This is another sad story from Gaza, which unfortunately is also mine.
Since I was 19 years old, I have been working hard to secure my future, 13 hours a day to realize my dream and become a brand name in the beauty salon field.

Countless challenges and obstacles could not tear this dream from my heart, it was my life goal and the dream of my life.

With the unconditional and endless support of my family, the dream was too small in front of all these unusual business obstacles in Gaza.

In December 2022, I opened my beauty salon "Sohail Salon" as I had envisioned and it was a successful business with a planned cost recovery in 15 months. But!

I lost everything, my business, my investments, my parents' house, and my whole world turned into street tents.

This tragedy left me with nothing but my dream, and to be honest, I am not sure if my dream is still alive or if I am trying to stay alive to fulfill the needs of my family, the family that gives me everything!

Dear friends and kind-hearted people, I call on you to help me and support me to get back up, to rebuild, secure my family and to spread hope and kindness among the people of Gaza again.

Your contribution will not stop at one person, but will start a wheel of hope for 4 families.

This fund is for the reconstruction of my home and Sohail Salon. Every penny I receive from this fund I will give it back to the people of Gaza so they can rebuild their homes and dreams too.

Please keep us in your prayers! And pray for the world peace.

Sohail Alaqad


Organized by

Yahya Isbaih

Mission, BC, Canada