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Hello, my name is Jennifer I am from Reedsburg, Wi in late March I became ill and the doctors started to run test. I resigned from my position as an over-the-road truck driver on April 30, 2024, as I saw I wasn't getting any better. On the night of June 28th, I had a heart attack and was sent to Madison, WI on the 30th, and had 4 stents placed on my LAD ARTERY. Today July 5, 2024, at my check-up I was just told I have 3 more arteries that have some issues but they are the smaller ones and that the cardiologist will have to talk with me about at my visit. I have a long road of cardio rehabilitation ahead of me and many cardiologist appointments to get my heart back to a healthy one.  On an MRI that was done, it showed I have trigeminal which is being referred to a neurologist for further care. I am married and have two kids at home, a 10-year-old and a 16-year-old. My spouse has been by my side throughout this all to help me with my needs and transportation as an EEG shows I have epilepsy. 

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