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The doctors gave me 2-4 days to live as I lay in the icu at Jupiter medical center. I have been battling stage four cancer in the hospital for 21 days it has been incredibly challenging and arduous experience. The physical and emotional toll of undergoing intense treatments and facing the uncertainty of the disease can be overwhelming. However, during this difficult time, it is crucial to hold onto hope and stay determined to fight for recovery. Each day  is a step towards healing and regaining strength. The support and care of medical professionals, loved ones, and the community play a vital role in my journey towards recovery. With perseverance, resilience, and a positive mindset, the I have been navigating  through this tough battle and strive to overcome the obstacles that come my way. Being on the road to recovery is a long and tough journey, but with determination and support, there is always a possibility of achieving remission and living a fulfilling life beyond cancer.  By organizing fundraising efforts, we can come together as a community to provide much-needed financial assistance and alleviate some of the stress and worry that comes with trying to afford life-saving treatments. Any donation made is truly appreciated as I fight this long battle of cancer to ultimate recovery! With much gratitude - Tiffany 

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Tiffany Tabor

Crossville, TN, USA