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Ryan is the sweetest young man you will ever meet. On April 13, 2024, Ryan was found unresponsive at his home in Mullen Nebraska. He was taken by ambulance to North Platte where he has been in the ICU since. Ryan was suffering from undiagnosed type 1 diabetes and as a result his body had gone into metabolic acidosis. His strong, young body was shutting down. At this time, it was also discovered that Ryan had a head contusion and brain bleed as well as Covid 19. Currently, Ryan is intubated and his body is healing. The major concerns are damage to his kidneys, pancreas, and brain. We don't know when we will have answers to how much, and if there is any damage to these organs. Today, we discovered that Ryan is not covered by any insurance plan and we would very much like to help this young man with the massive medical bills he will eventually face. Please, if you are able and have it in your heart, donate to Ryan. 


Update: Ryan has been extubated and is doing wonderfully! His EEG results show that he has no permanent brain damage. His kidneys are still not working so he is doing 3.5 hours of dialysis every other day. Ryan does have pneumonia and MRSA in his lungs as well. Next steps for him are to continue with dialysis with the hope that his kidneys will wake up and start working again. He is learning how his life will look moving forward with type 1 diabetes and he will be on antibiotics for an extended period while his body fights the MRSA infection in his lungs. Ryan will also be moved from the hospital in North Platte, possibly before the end of the week, to a rehabilitation center. He is going to need rehabilitation for the foreseeable future and possibly up to 2 years. I cannot explain to you all, how amazing Ryan is. This young man woke up from being in a coma and is so concerned with being a burden on everyone from family to the nurses and doctors that he is constantly aplologizing when he needs help with something. We reassure him that we are all so incredibly happy and thankful to help him with absolutely anything and everything he needs. He is so grateful to everyone for everything and his manners are impeccable. He has the greatest sense of humor and we are all so thankful to hear him laugh and tease us all again. Thank you for all of your prayers, good vibes, donations, and thoughts. Ryan has a marathon ahead of him, but he is the strongest person I have ever known and I know he will be so successful!! Please, if you are able continue donating to Ryan, he is not going to be able to work for an extended period of time, but he has big dreams for his future. 

Organized by

Heidi Coleman

Mullen, NE, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Ryan Jensen