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Dear Friends, 

It is with a heavy heart that I reach out to you today. Samantha, a devoted mother of 4 and a loving wife, has been diagnosed with a glioma, a type of brain tumor that is very dangerous. Only in her early 30s, she and her family's world has been turned upside down by this. 

She is preparing for the upcoming surgery, scheduled for July 10th. The financial burden that comes with a surgery of this magnitude is simply staggering. With medical expenses looming at a minimum of $200,000 before any insurance coverage, the weight of this burden is unbearable for them. With that said, the surgeon mentioned that they would only be able to remove about 90% of the brain tumor, which means that there is a likelihood of requiring further costly surgeries.

However, it's not just about the money. The true importance lies in providing them with the peace of mind to focus on her recovery without the constant worry of mounting bills and expenses. It's about giving her the chance to fight this battle without the added stress of financial hardship.

Through all of this, Samantha and our family continue to trust God and praise Him through this storm. Her faith is unwavering, and she finds strength in her knowledge that God is with her every step of the way. My favorite thing she has said so far is: “This is my Goliath.” 

Your support, whether through a donation or prayer, means everything. In this time of uncertainty, your kindness and compassion will be a lifeline for this family. 

Thank you for standing with us and showing your love and support during this profoundly difficult time. We will keep updating everyone about this tumor and praying for a successful and resilient recovery.   



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