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Drug use in schools is at an all time high. Middle school and high schools across America  are being targeted sending hundreds of students to the hospital in epidemic proportions. Our mission is to attend schools across the United States. We have a powerfull performance  from children 12-17 years old. The children who worked hard to put this together are using their own personal experience in a devastating, yet, eye opening play. After each assembly we will stay in the area for three days offering another intense performance at night for students to attend with  their parents. Our students will explain what it felt like talking to their parents. They  will explain  the reactions they  got. The support they received. Parents of these amazingly life changing kids will also speak about how they talked with their students. Supported them. Reacted when there child told them.  Our team of students and parents will give students and parents an opportunity to talk openly or privately to ask questions  they may have. With no pressure we will offer  a unique opportunity for them to set up a meeting with their parents, school staff,  and  stay with the student while they navigate  the fear they have. Our  team members are choosing to home school so they can help others.  They are choosing to home school because they didn’t want to go back to school they felt traveling and sharing their experiences would be better then being tempted to start using again. These students worked really hard to make this experience happen. 

Our Mission isn’t too change school rules. They search them suspend them.  ask who they get it from.  Then they get in trouble.  Students  are lying about the use for fear of being yelled at. They can’t ask for help. They start withdrawal symptoms and they  have no idea.  What’s going on or even that they may have a problem.  Instead of getting them the help they need  they temporary get it out of the school.  Schools aren’t addressing the  root cause.   We offer a unique soothing approach for students. We will give the opportunity for students to come talk to the students there age in confidence.  Many children who are in the throws of addiction don’t feel comfortable to ask for help. They can’t get help if their scared to getting in trouble.  


if you  donate you could help schools across America to talk to School staff, students, and teachers.  We are not therapists but we will offer support. 

 Our goal is to  open your eyes and see what’s really going on in schools across america! 

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Help a teen without insurance go into a addiction rehab

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