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My name is Lisa a few years ago my husband died in my home he who was the head of my household. He had become totally disabled due to a slip and fall accident in our back yard. He had to have a knee replacement surgery and a necklectomy surgery which deemed him to become totally disabled. During this time I work from home and cared for him around the clock bathing him, feeding him, and changing his diapers, lifting and turning him. I had no help from anyone no friends or family members. No one besides the care givers, physical therapist and in house doctors that I called in to assist me who came once or twice a week for an 1/2 hour which wasn't enough.  

He finally passed away in September 2021 and since then I have had to battle a few situations that I would have never thought I would be faced with. Nothing to do with taking on the roll of me becoming the head of the household but things that was running in the background that took me by surprise. And because of these things, I have lost my job and my life has been totally torn apart. And now, it has put me in a financial hardship to the point I am now homeless. I am in need of help so that I can regain stable housing to return back to the work market. I am a college graduate with an Associates in Applied Sciences and I have been in the IT field for 10+ years. If there is anyone hiring please reach out to me help me so that I can get back on my feet and become a producive member of this society. 

These are essential ingredients for survival please lend a helping hand.

Organized by

Elesia Lockhart

Hoboken, NJ, USA