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My name is jeffrey I have a sixteen year old daughter 2 days after her birthday this year she was bought.You noticed with a bad a** with the proper treatment.She will live a long life me.On the other hand I'm dying of cancer.They say 3 5 years most I.Begged for more but they said they could do nothing I'm on disability because of my medical conditions and Receive $1600 a month or rent is a 1000 and I am a single father. What we are trying to do, write a song about me and her saying Goodbye to each other about a daughter. Losing her father at such a young age. She would probably be I'm hoping.  Twenty one But I'm wishing I could be here longer We have much of the song done And a good start on an idea for a video And with My limited income I don't have the money to produce it Or for the signin   lessons as I'm sure that would help LOL. We also have an idea for a podcast. We're trying to start the working name. We have right now is spending time with my daughter and friends are the same age. Would be reacting to videos of songs and movies. They like as well as songs and movies. I grew up with we would have a panel of different people from her friends.  That would Speak of bullying in high schools and how I was Is Bullied in my day and how they would have been Bullied in my day As we would be reacting to the videos they like. We would cosplay the characters in the videos. As we reactivate those eye like such as Star Wars. We would address as characters from Star Wars. My daughter is very excited about it. And we have a pizza party tonight and her friends were very excited about as well. I have 2 parents on board already. But I don't think it would take much to convince Moore and the kids that we're here tonight. Said their parents would let them do it. I'm asking a little more than what these things would cost.But I would like to take my daughter on a little trip Show her some of this great country I don't know if i'm up to a road trip but would be willing to do it for her and to share those memories Even If you don't feel it in your heart to donate any recommendations. Suquestions on making videos writing songs. Starting podcast, ideas for podcast would be greatly appreciative. If anyone would like to advertise arm, podcast again would be greatly appreciative.  We all Great personalities.And I think it would be a great success.Some of the ideas we have, I don't see on podcast.I want something to leave to my daughter.And hopefully secure financial stability for her.I feel like such a bum to have to ask this and then I didn't make better choices in my life Thank you for reading this and any donations would be greatly appreciated by us.Even if my daughter was the only one that heard this song or saw this video I could die happy !!!

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Jeffrey Thropp

Annapolis, MD, USA